Through our fundraiser, your group retains 50% of the sales proceeds by selling gift cards in advance at their full value. By purchasing these cards at half price, you’re able to maximize your earnings. These gift cards can later be used to redeem any of the services we offer, all of which are outlined below.

Wash Choices

  • Critics Choice: $10.00
    • Includes: exterior wash and spot-free rinse
  • Show Stopper: $12.00
    • Includes: exterior wash, spot-free rinse, plus clear coat conditioner & underbody wash.
  • Blockbuster:$14.00
    • Includes: exterior wash, spot-free rinse, plus clear coat conditioner, underbody wash & rust inhibitor.
  • Encore: $17.00
    • Includes: exterior wash, spot-free rinse, turtle wax ice, clear coat conditioner, underbody wash, & rust inhibitor.

We also have unlimited critics choice ($22.21 a month), and blockbuster washes ($32.81 a month) with our club memberships monthly, 6 months or yearly.

Rev Up Your Fundraising with The Car Wash:
Drive Towards Your Goals!

Who is it for?

Any group or organization that seeks to raise funds for its activities and projects could benefit from a car wash gift card fundraiser. It’s a versatile option that can be tailored to suit various needs and goals.

1. School Clubs & Organizations

School clubs like student councils, sports teams, music bands, and academic groups could use this fundraiser to raise funds for their activities, events, and trips.

2. Youth Sports Teams

Local sports teams for kids and teenagers, such as soccer, baseball, basketball, or cheerleading squads, could benefit from this fundraiser to cover equipment, uniforms, and tournament expenses.

3. Nonprofit Organizations

Charitable organizations focused on community development, social causes, or health awareness can use the fundraiser to support their initiatives and projects.

4. Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) / Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs)

These groups in schools can raise funds to enhance the educational experience of students, whether it’s funding field trips, classroom supplies, or school events.

5. Community Clubs

Clubs like gardening clubs, book clubs, or hobby groups could participate in this fundraiser to fund club activities, workshops, or community projects.

6. Youth Groups and Churches

Youth groups and religious organizations can utilize this fundraiser to support their programs, retreats, and community outreach projects.

7. Scouting Troops

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other scouting organizations can raise funds for their outdoor adventures, camping trips, and skill-building activities.

8. Local Charities

Local charities that provide assistance to vulnerable populations, such as homeless shelters or animal shelters, could use the fundraiser to support their operations.

9. Civic Organizations

Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, and other civic organizations can participate to fund community service projects and charitable endeavors.

10. Workplace Clubs or Committees

Employee groups focused on wellness, diversity, or community engagement within a company could use the fundraiser to support their initiatives.

11. Arts and Culture Groups

Art galleries, theater groups, and cultural associations can utilize the fundraiser to fund exhibitions, performances, and artistic events.

12. School Parent Groups

Parent-focused groups within schools can raise funds for events, workshops, and resources that benefit both parents and students.


Fastpitch Softball team huddle before the start of a softball game. Photo is in color. All logos have been removed.
A young Cub Scout in the tiger den is smiling as he looks at the camera through small binoculars outside on a summer day.

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